Is It Time To Declare Self Employed Bankruptcy

self employed bankruptcy

It is a new year and it is the best time to make a fresh start. This is the time to face up to hard truths such as being in debt and take steps to change it. You may need to rethink your thinking. Self employed bankruptcy doesn’t mean you have to give up or throw in the towel. It can be an option for redistributing debt or starting over. These are the basics of filing for self employed bankruptcy.

It’s not as common to file for bankruptcy as you think

It is a common practice. One hundred seventy-one thousand ninety-two people and businesses filed for bankruptcy in the United States. Donald Trump, a businessman, investor and TV star, is worth $4 billion. He has filed for bankruptcy at least 3 times. Some myths surrounding filing are simply that, myths. It is possible to file bankruptcy without affecting your spouse’s credit. You can file for bankruptcy at a very affordable price, starting at $300

Bankruptcy can provide a certain peace of mind

Everybody who owes money knows how frustrating it can be to receive constant reminders via texts and phone calls about how much you owe. Quick and Dirty Tips advises that filing bankruptcy has the immediate benefit of an ‘automatic stop’, which places your creditors on notice that it is time to cease trying to collect money. Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers (and Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers) explain that companies cannot continue to contact you or send collection notices after filing bankruptcy.

Not giving up is possible by seeking help in filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may help you redistribute your debts or completely eliminate them. This will give you a fresh start, and allow you to get rid of the crippling debt. You can also find helpful information here.

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